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Outdoor power point installation
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Outdoor Power Point Installation what you need to know

Outdoor power point installation, what you need to know.

Do you need an outdoor weather proof power point for your pool equipment, spa or electric mower? Our fully licensed electricians are here to help. Make the most of your outdoor spaces by installing weather-proof rated outdoor power points and switches.

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Weather-proof outdoor power points

South Coast Electrical Solutions install weatherproof outdoor power points. There are many different reasons our customers have outdoor power points installed. Have one installed for vacuuming your vehicle. Or for your gas hot water service to plug into. If you like to use power tools outside. Outdoor power points can safely be installed and are easy to use and convenient. They come in a range of colours and styles for different uses.

South Coast Electrical Solutions always happily provide information to our customers when they ask us to install outdoor power points.

Outdoor power points, what you need to know.

As home owners we might underestimate the convenience of having an outdoor power points. Outdoor power points can be incredibly useful. They will allow you to run equipment or tools in your yard without using extension cords. If you like to keep your car clean and you may find it more convenient to have an outdoor power point installed.

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What to consider Before Installing Outdoor Power Points

The weather elements generally expose outdoor areas of the home. We do not recommend installing regular power points in outdoor areas. Clipsal make weatherproof products ultra-durable. Clipsal construct outdoor powerpoints that are constructed from Heavy-Duty Plastics and Temperature Resistant technology. Weathershield® can withstand the frozen Snowfields of Thredbo, through to the heat of the Simpson Desert.

Clipsal Iconic Outdoor Power Point in white
Clipsal Iconic Outdoor Power outlet in black

Rain, hail or shine, safely enjoy reliable power all year round:

  • Water and Dust Protection
  • Sunlight and Colour Fade Resistance
  • Impact and Corrosion Resistance
  • Black, Grey and White Colour Options

Always use a licensed electrician to install new or replace outdoor power points.

Why do electricians not recommend installing standard power points on the outside of your home?

Indoor power point outlets cannot withstand harsh weather conditions. Property owners and electricians must ensure that a licensed electrician completes their electrical wiring work. Using a non IP rated fitting outside increases the likelihood of moisture or water entering the fitting. This causes nuisance tripping of circuit breakers or damage to the outlet. Standard power points cannot be installed on the outdoor areas of your property and it is recommended only weather-resistant power points to be installed by an licensed Electrician. This is includes all power points installed outdoors, including those around patios, spas, pools, and decks.

Installation of Quality weatherproof outdoor power points

The key differentiator between indoor and outdoor power points lies in their construction. At South Coast Electrical Solutions, we supply and install quality outdoor power points that best suit the environment in which we install them.

From outdoor power points and EV chargers, to deck and pool lighting. Give South Coast Electrical Solutions a call to install your new outdoor power point in Batemans Bay.

What to Consider with a new outdoor Power Point Installation

As with any electrical installation, when you’re dealing with electricity, you should use a licensed electrician who is qualified to perform the installation. When you call South Coast Electrical Solutions, you are contacting a company that has the right qualifications and licenses and is experienced. You know you can trust us with your electrical power point installation. South Coast Electrical Solutions are able to replace and install new power points inside and outside your property in Batemans Bay. Call us today to make an appointment.

May we need to upgrade the Electrical switchboard?

You may need to consider an electrical switchboard upgrade. Especially if you live in an older home where the switchboard has not been upgraded. The electrician will need to check the current switchboard can accommodate more power points. If several new power points are installed your system will need to be able to cope with the load placed on it. If the switchboard is out of date it could become overloaded. This could possibly lead to your power tripping and possibly even a fire. 

We recommend only using an licensed electrician to assess your homes switchboard and installing your new power points. Our electricians will be able to tell you whether your current switchboard can support the new outdoor power points you wish to have installed. They can also let you know if you need to have your switchboard upgraded

Ask your Electrician Check Your Switchboard

Your professional Batemans Bay electrician will also need to check your switchboard before they begin the power point installation. If you overload the switchboard, it may overheat. This can cause an electrical fire hazard. If you’re adding electrical power points and using many more appliances, your electrician will need to check if your switchboard can handle the extra electricity you will draw.

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