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How do you know when you need a switchboard upgrade?
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How do you know when you need a switchboard upgrade?

How do you know when you need a switchboard upgrade?

How will you know if you actually need a switchboard upgrade? There are a few warning signs that can start to show you that a switchboard upgrade should be upgraded, however, if you are unsure you should always speak to your electrician:

Out of date switchboards are high fire risks
  • The big one is safety – an old switchboard can be unsafe and, in some cases, quite dangerous
  • Your fuses often trip
  • If you are renovating or moving the electrical wiring
  • Flickering lights
  • If you are putting on solar panels and have an older switchboard
  • You would like RCD safety switches installed for the safety of your family
  • You want to install a new power point and have been told you don’t have enough room on your existing switchboard for the new safety switch
  • The existing switchboard has had cabling that has overheated and has burnt out one or more of the fuse holders
  • Your home’s wiring is quite old
  • If your switchboard is aged or you still have ceramic fuses
  • If you are looking at installing new appliances, then a switchboard upgrade will help protect the new appliances you have purchased

If you are still unsure, call your electrician and they can come out and inspect the switchboard. They will advise whether it is time to upgrade your switchboard.

Switchboard inspections and checks by electricians

If you’re looking for peace of mind and want a licensed electrician to check your switchboard at your property in Batemans Bay, call South Coast Electrical Solutions.

One of our licensed electrician will inspect your switchboard and tell you if your homes electrical switchboard was manufactured before safety switches, (RCD’s). They will also check it for overall safety. Switchboards are an essential part of your home’s electrical system. Safety switches (RCD’s) are there to protect you and your family from electrocution.


When a switchboard upgrade is recommended

If your current switchboard has old ceramic fuses and an asbestos panel, you could be putting your family at risk and our electricians will recommend the need to invest in a switchboard upgrade with RCD’s.

An upgraded switchboard will mean you will have a switchboard that meets the current Australia standard. These have safety switches and circuit breakers installed throughout the board as well as labelled. RCDs (Safety switches) installed in your switchboard may not appear like much, but these devices save lives.

It is important that your home is electrically sound. Make sure your family is safe and ask for a free quote for a switchboard upgrade from one of our licensed electricians at South Coast Electrical Solutions in Batemans Bay.

Who is qualified to complete a switchboard upgrade?

A switchboard upgrade is a big job that requires a qualified and licensed electrician to complete. An electrician has all the correct equipment and knowledge to complete the job correctly.

What is involved when the electrician upgrades your switchboard?

Replacing a switchboard involves removing the old switchboard and installing a new switchboard. The Electrician will turn the power off at your property, possibly for up to a day to disconnect the old board and connect the new switchboard.  

After the new switchboard is installed, they will need to test all the power points and lights to ensure that no faults are occurring. If a fault is found, the electrician will need to trace the circuit to correct the fault.

By law, a licensed electrician has a responsibility to ensure your property is safe and meets Australian standards.


How much does a switchboard upgrade cost?

Upgrading your switchboard from a ceramic fuse type will vary from home to home depending on their complexity. The upgrade price will depend on various factors including the number of circuits you have, how many of the circuits need RCD protection. If the electrician has to disconnect the service, if the electrician has to disconnect the meters, if the consumer mains needs to be upgraded or if the current switchboard has an asbestos panel. Call and ask for a free quote for a switchboard upgrade from one of our licensed electricians at South Coast Electrical Solutions in Batemans Bay.

If you have a home in the Batemans Bay area, you can call South Coast Electrical Solutions today to book an appointment to have our licensed electricians inspect your switchboard and give you a quote to upgrade, or replace your switchboard.

How important is a functioning switchboard?

Consider how important a fully functioning switchboard is to your home. A switchboard ensures your kettle turns on when you need a cuppa or when you flick on your bathroom light switch. It also ensures that there is power going to all your appliances, your air-conditioner, dishwasher, washing machine and phone chargers. 

In order for your switchboard to be able to work at its best level, it needs to be able to handle the electrical load that you are placing on it every day. Older homes did not have the technical advancements as we do now. This means the switchboards didn’t use huge loads of electricity. In today’s fast paced life, you need to ensure your switchboard is designed to handle the electrical load that you are placing on it.

Having a switchboard upgrade with safety switches installed is a sound investment and can significantly reduce the risk of a fuse related fire or personal injury by electrocution from a faulty appliance.

How do I know my switchboard will need to be upgraded?

How will you know if you actually need a switchboard upgrade? Here are a few warning signs that may occur to indicate that a switchboard should be inspected and possibly upgraded. The inspection should always be done by a licensed electrician.  

  • How old is your home? If your home is getting older, or you don’t know when your switchboard was installed, it is definitely time to have it inspected by an electrician
  • Appliances tripping the circuit: This could be due to an overloaded circuit or faulty appliances.
  • Fuses that constant blow: a switchboard upgrade may be needed if fuses in your home are regularly blowing
  • Lights that Flicker
  • Power points that are hot to touch
  • Noises: your power isn’t supposed to make a sound, therefore if you hear sizzling or buzzing
  • Re-wireable fuses: if your switchboard does not have circuit breaks and, instead, has re-wireable fuses then you need to have it upgraded as soon as possible. It has been found that the copper fuse wires (which are found in re-wireable fuses) can be a big safety hazard
  • Sparks: if you are finding that your power points spark when plugging in an appliance, this can indicate a switchboard upgrade is needed
  • Shock: finally, if you are receiving a mild electric shock when you put a plug into a power point, this is a sign that you may need a switchboard upgrade

Are porcelain fuses dangerous?

Older homes that have a switchboard with porcelain fuses can be incredibly dangerous. They carry a high risk of electric shock and fire occurrence. This can be simply due to the age of the switchboard, or because the switchboard in older homes was not designed to manage all the electrical appliances that we use in modern days. Switchboards with the porcelain fuses do not meet current Australian electrical standards and could potentially be dangerous and you will need an electrician to inspect and upgrade your switchboard.


“South Coast Electrical Solutions are fully licensed electricians in Batemans Bay and will install a new switchboard for your home with circuit breakers and safety switches, and certify the upgrade according to electrical safety legislation. Call us today for a quote”

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