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Here's why DC ceiling fans are a better choice
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Are DC Ceiling Fans a better Choice?

Are DC Ceiling Fans a better Choice?

Here’s why our electricians believe that DC ceiling fans are a better choice:

DC Ceiling fans have much Lower Energy Usage

Are DC Ceiling Fans a better Choice? An AC fan on ‘low’ might use around 30 watts of power, whereas the DC ceiling fans on their lowest settings use less than five watts. So, while your electrician may say ‘typical’ energy savings are around 70%, the reality is sometimes even greater. The DC ceiling fans have a lower energy usage equates directly to lower running costs.

DC Ceiling Fans a better Choice as DC Ceiling fans have a Quieter Operation

The Quieter operation is the most popular feature of the DC ceiling fans. They are much quieter than AC fans at low or medium speeds. Are DC ceiling fans a better choice? The DC ceiling fans are practically silent at low speeds, with no detectable motor noise. They are ideal for overnight usage in bedrooms and more pleasant cooling anywhere.

DC Ceiling Fans a better Choice as DC ceiling fans have More Speed Control

DC Ceiling fans have more speed control compared to the old-style AC fans that tend to only to have three-speed settings. If you have a fan with only three speed settings, it’s probably an AC fan. DC fans do not suffer from this limitation. Most of the DC ceiling fans have six speeds!

LED Smart WiFi Enabled DC Ceiling Fan with Variable CCT 20w LED Light and Remote Control.

Are DC Ceiling Fans a better Choice? With the choice of having an LED light, WiFi enabled, DC ceiling fans could be the perfect addition to your home. They have a sleek low profile design and powerful yet silent operating DC motor. Don’t let the efficiency fool you, some DC ceiling fans produce 10,530m³/hr of airflow on the highest of 6 speeds.

Top 6 reasons DC Ceiling Fans are a better Choice

  • 1: Lower Energy Consumption
  • 2: DC Fan Motors are Quieter
  • 3: Better Design
  • 4: Improved Features
  • 5: Multiple speed control settings
  • 6: Longer Lifespan

AC vs the DC Ceiling Fan: Which One is Right for You?

Are DC ceiling fans a better choice? In general, DC ceiling fans are generally faster to respond to remote controls. They have more speed options and even have a reverse function on the remote. This allows you to easily set your fan to summer or winter mode, so you won’t have to get up on a ladder to change from summer to winter setting. The summer/winter mode will enhance the comfort of your home. As a result, DC fans put convenience and control directly into the hands of their users. And by allowing greater control over speed.

Looking to install a new ceiling fan?

South Coast Electrical Solutions, your full-service provider for AC and DC ceiling fan installation in the Batemans Bay area. We are experienced electricians in installing all types of ceiling fans and can provide you with the best advice on which type would be best suited to your home. or you can speak with our friendly local wholesaler to see what types of ceiling fans they have available. Feel free to contact us and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have!

Smart Controlled Ceiling fans with Google Home

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