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RCDs are designed to protect lives
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The Benefits of having RCD’s installed in your property

What is an RCD or safety switch, and why they are important?

The technical term for an RCD is “Residual Current Device”. An RCD, also known as a safety switch, when installed, is designed to save lives from an electric shock if you or someone in your home touches something live, such as a bare wire.

RCD’s offer a level of protection that ordinary fuses and circuit breakers cannot provide. Homes built in Australia from 1990 to now should have RCDs installed on power circuits and homes built after 2000 should have RCDs on light circuits as well, however many properties built prior to this, do not have them installed.

RCDs are designed to protect lives

An RCD is designed to protect lives against the risk of electrocution. In a normal power circuit, the electrical current flows through an appliance and back to the supply. If the appliance has a fault, the electrical current can travel through a person to earth, causing death or serious injury. The RCD is designed to cut the electrical current flowing through the circuit and will switch the power circuit off in as little as 30 milliseconds. Each year many people in Australia are killed or seriously injured from electrical accidents from circuits that are not protected. These deaths and injuries are avoidable by having RCDs installed.

Protect your family

It could be one of your family members using an appliance that becomes faulty or from something as simple as putting a picture hook into a wall and making contact with an electrical cable. RCD’s are installed in the properties switchboard to individual or groups of circuits. They provide a very high level of protection to all the wiring and power points on the circuit and any connected electrical appliances. Although RCD protected circuits reduce the risk of death and or injury from electric shock, it does not mean that you should not be careful when using electrical powerpoints, switches or appliances.

Have your wiring checked

Having your wiring checked at least every 10 years to ensure your families safety or if you find any faults with your properties wiring you should contact a licensed electrician to repair immediately.

All of our highly qualified electricians are experts in the field and can do any electrical work you need done. Our electricians are friendly and helpful and will go over and above to ensure you receive the best service.

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Out of date switchboards are high fire risks

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How much does RCD protection cost?

A licensed electrician will need to install RCD’s (safety switches) in your property to ensure your house is protected. The cost will vary depending on the size of your switchboard and if your switchboard and cabling needs upgrading. South Coast Electrical Solutions are your local electricians located in Batemans Bay, call us for a quote.

How do I check if I already have RCDs installed in my property?

RCDs have a switch and also a button labelled ‘Test’. If there is no test button then you probably only have circuit breakers.

Is a circuit breaker the same as a RCD/safety switch?

No. RCDs are primarily for personal safety to prevent injuries and save lives. Circuit breakers protect the cabling and appliances from excess current but will not protect people that are in contact with them and will rarely turn off when someone receives an electric shock.

How many RCD’s do I need?

It is recommended that all circuits have RCD protection.

Do I have to test the RCD’s?

You should press the ‘test’ button at least every three months to make sure the RCD is functioning correctly. After doing this you may need to reset some of your appliances such as clocks. If the RCD does not trip or will not reset, call your electrician immediately as there may be a problem with an appliance or somewhere in the electrical installation.