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Smoke alarm safety message
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Don’t forget to check your smoke alarms

Easter Sunday is the end of day light savings and your clocks need to go back an hour, 2am to be precise. These days most of your clocks will do it by themselves. The most important thing we want to remind you of is your smoke alarms need to be checked. The end of day light savings is the NSW Fire Brigades adopted reminder that it is the time of year to check your smoke alarms.


Smoke alarms and the law

The law is you must have a working smoke alarm in your home. Working means that the battery is fresh and the alarm is less than 10 years old. Even if your alarm is hard wired, the 9 Volt battery still needs to be changed every year.

We believe this message is very important, there are too many house fires every year in Australia, especially during the winter months, so make sure yours works.


If you have any trouble reaching or opening your smoke alarm get someone to help or give us a call, we are happy to help you out.

smoke alarm safety message

Keeping you and your family safe by having working smoke alarms

Your nose won’t wake you up during a fire. When we sleep our sense of smell shuts off and smoke from a house fire is toxic and can send you into an even deeper sleep.

We hear it every year, but it really is important. It’s a simple thing and you might think I will get to that later, we have heard this before. So put that new 9 volt battery in your smoke alarm today and if you don’t have spare 9 volt batteries in your house put it on your shopping list, buy a good quality batteries and put it in the smoke alarms as soon as you get home.

South Coast Electrical Solutions are dedicated to keeping you and your family safe.

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