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Do you need Sensor lights on your property?

Protect the security of your home with sensor lights

Our team of licensed electricians want to help you protect the security of your home with sensor lighting.

Protect the security of your home with sensor lights. If you are arriving home after dark and no lights have been left on in your home a sensor light will come on with movement detection. You will be able to access your home safety, without tripping over the garden hose and toys the kids forgot to put away.

Having sensor lights installed are ideal if you are looking for ways to improve the safety and security of your home for your peace of mind and your family’s safety. If a burglar is looking for an easy and undetected way into your home, they may choose the darkest places to hide. Security sensor lighting is a cost-effective method to deter unwanted guests.

Sensor light benefits

  • Benefit from adding sensor lights to your home to give the impression someone is at home.
  • Sensor lights are an unfavourable attention-drawer for burglars or thieves creeping around at night. A thief’s goal is to remain as discreet and inconspicuous as possible, so the sudden impact of a sensor light coming on creates a riskier situation.
  • With electricity cost so expensive, adding a LED sensor light is a great way to cut the electricity costs as you will no longer have to leave an outdoor light on.
  • You will also be grateful for that light when you get home at night.

Safety at night

Do you need Sensor lights on your property? Sensor lights are also great for the general safety for you, your family and friends that may be visiting. The sensor lights detect movement at night. The sensor will turn on an outside light allowing you to navigate your way through the gate, up the driveway, and into the front door.  

Where Should You Place Security Lights?

When designing a security lighting system, it is important to identify any potential safety and security risks by surveying your home’s perimeter and considering the impact of additional lighting in the surrounding areas.

You should also take into account your neighbours, they will not want a bright light shining in their bedroom window at 3am

Know your value – pinpoint desirable or high-value items on the property, such as garden ornaments, statues, and vehicles.

Survey the land – examine the landscape and perimeter of your home at different times of the day in order to identify potential safety and security hazards. Look for dark areas or deep shadows around the home, garage, and yard that could serve as potential hiding spots.

The different types of outdoor sensor lights

When deciding which type of security light will work best for your home, it is important to look at options that are approved for all weather locations. The best types of security lights feature waterproof designs that are capable of withstanding the elements.

Some of the different types of sensor lights that are available for you to choose from include:

Floodlights – these security lights distribute a wide range of light and are ideal for illuminating large spaces. This versatile fixture comes with one or two, adjustable lamp holders for precise illumination.

Slimline – Clipsal make discrete slimline design series, the design range separate itself from others by becoming unobtrusive when not in use. They are available with a sensor for added energy efficiency savings.

Sensor – The Clipsal Outdoor Infrascan is a highly reliable, state-of-the-art passive infrared motion sensor. The unit is designed to detect people moving within its ‘field of view’, and activate an electrical load, such as a light, in response to that movement.

If you would like to talk to one of our licensed electricians about installing sensor lights, give us a call today.

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