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Electrician for your bathroom renovation
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Electrician for your bathroom renovation

Are you refreshing or renovating your bathroom and need an electrician? Here are some things to consider when choosing exhaust fans, power points, lights and LED mirrors for your bathroom renovation. South Coast Electrical Solutions are here to provide you with advice and recommendations.

Power Points in Bathrooms around Hand Basin and Vanities

Installing power points next to the vanity requires strict safety standards to be adhered to. Power points near water supplies are dangerous and Australian wiring rules must be followed by electricians for safety when power points are installed in the bathroom. Your electrician will know the standards and will ensure that the power points are installed at a safe distance from taps and water sources.

Powerpoints bathroom renovation

Baths and Power

When installing a bath you should consider the placement of power points relative to the bath tub location. There are limits to how close a power point can be to a water source like a bath or hand basin. Check with your electrician on the legal distance from the closest power point.

Bathroom Lighting

Lighting in the bathroom sets the tone so getting the bathroom lighting right is important. When considering the lighting for the bathroom, good quality lighting can transform the overall appearance and ambience. Keep in mind when choosing the bathroom lights the functional space of the area. People need to be able to see clearly in the mirror when doing makeup, hair or shaving. Your electrician can provide ideas for choosing suitable light fittings to suit your bathroom renovation.

bathroom renovation lighting

Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Whether your room requires a ceiling, wall, window, or inline exhaust fan, South Coast Electrical Solutions is here to provide you with advice and recommendations when making the choice.

Exhaust fan bathroom renovation

Which type of Bathroom Exhaust Fan will suit your home?

The exhaust fan positioned correctly, will extract steam, heat and odour from the bathroom and it will also help reduce mould and mildew growth. There are many options for exhaust fans on the market and choice of the exhaust fan depends on the space available in the roof area above the bathroom. Installing an exhaust fan in your bathroom will require a licensed electrician.

Ceiling vented exhaust fan

Ceiling vented exhaust fans are the most popular choice for bathroom and toilet ventilation in Australia. They are very cost effective and do the job effectively. They work well when the roof is tiled as there are small gaps in the tiles to allow proper ventilation. They are usually not suitable for flat roofs or corrugated iron roofs as there may not be enough airflow in the roof space and moisture will build up.

Ceiling exhaust fan installation

Heat/Light/Fan Exhausts Units

A great option if you want a bit of warmth in the winter months are the 3 in 1 heat/light/fan units. They include light, exhaust fan and heat lamps. They are able to be switched independently. A few things to consider if you are installing heat/light/fan exhaust units are the running costs of the heat lamps.

Wall exhaust fan

If your home has a solid concrete ceiling or no ceiling cavity a wall exhaust fan might be the best option for the room. Wall exhaust fans can come with a pull switch or can be wired to a regular switch.

Window exhaust fan

These fans are installed in glass window panel and are vented directly outside. If the bathroom doesn’t suit a ceiling exhaust fan, these are a great alternative option. Please note that the glass window will require a glazier to cut a hole for the exhaust fan.

Other exhaust fan options are inline exhaust fans, roof mounted exhaust fans.

Ceiling Exhaust Fan Installation Batemans Bay

Heated Towel Rails

Heated towel rails are practical in winter as they provide a convenient way to dry your towels between uses.  Most DIY’s can install a heated towel rail in the bathroom if the towel rail is a plug in model. If you are installing your own make sure that the power cord is not close to any water source. If you are renovating your bathroom and considering installing heated towel rails, you should consider a hard wired heated towel rail model. The hard wired heated towel rails have no unsightly cables visible and look very smart when installed. Talk to your location electrician in Batemans Bay when designing your bathroom renovation for advice.


The mirror you install in your bathroom should complement the size of the room. Mirrors come in all different shapes and sizes. Some mirrors come with built in LED lighting and will require a licensed electrician to install power behind the mirror whilst the bathroom is in renovation stage.

LED bathroom mirror

Make sure you choose a reliable licensed electrician to do your electrical work in your bathroom renovation to keep you, your family and your home safe.