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Do you need an Electrician for your Kitchen Renovation in Batemans Bay? When planning a kitchen Renovation? Consider These Electrical Upgrades As Part of Your Renovations.

Our electricians are able to help you with your electrical for your kitchen renovation. We can help you to design an electrical plan that is functional, affordable, and compliments your kitchen renovation.

When renovating your kitchen, planning is the key to running a smooth renovation.

Renovating your kitchen? planning is the key to running a smooth renovation. If you’re renovating your kitchen there is so much to consider. From the layout, splashbacks, what appliances you would like… the list is endless. South Coast Electrical Solutions are experts in kitchen renovations. We can take care of the electrical plans for you so you can get on with making your dream take shape. When you decide on renovating the kitchen, have a chat with one of our friendly licensed electricians.

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Pre – planning the electrical layout in your kitchen renovation with your electrician

Be sure to call our electricians early in the planning of your kitchen renovation design to discuss your plans and the electrical requirements. This will enable our electricians to help you to design an electrical plan that is functional, affordable, and compliments your kitchen renovation. If you’re considering a kitchen renovation then it’s important to prep-plan the electrical requirements to maximise functionality while ensuring safety.

You may wish to move the position of some of your kitchen appliances to another area of the room. If you are moving an electric freestanding stove or cooktop and oven to another location in your kitchen, we have the electricians to move or replace wiring to the new location.


Your kitchen needs to look great, South Coast Electrical Solutions will help design the perfect balance between looking great and the function to make your kitchen.

Plan your kitchen lighting with our electricians

Plan your kitchen lighting with our electrician, is the key to great lighting. The kitchen is often the focal point of your entertaining. Lighting makes a big difference in a kitchen space. It is a place where family and friends gather to eat, drink and enjoy one another’s company.

Your kitchen renovation needs to look great and we would like to make sure we help you strike the perfect balance to make your kitchen a true joy to cook and entertain from.

Electrician for your Kitchen Renovation in Batemans Bay. Plan your lighting layout with us.

Bright lighting in your kitchen renovation?

Having nice bright lighting in your kitchen renovation will make your new kitchen look good. Make sure all your preparation, cooking and cleaning spaces are well-lit. Kitchen lighting should be the brightest in your home. Discuss the ability to turn off some of the lights when not needed with our electricians. Our electricians will help you design a practical, functional, affordable layout that compliments your kitchen renovation. We will design a lighting system for your kitchen renovation, with your family’s needs in mind.


Accent Lighting

Including accent lighting in kitchen spaces such as above the kitchen island bench and the stove or inside cabinets and pantries. This can improve the functionality of commonly used spaces in your kitchen. Installing well-thought out lighting fixtures as part of an electrical renovation in your kitchen can highlight the best features of your kitchen.

Install USB Data Ports in your kitchen renovation

South Coast Electrical Solutions are licensed electricians in Batemans Bay and are able to install and update your existing double power points to USB power points in your kitchen renovation.

We have all become very reliant on charging our mobile and other devices on a regular bases. Companies like Clipsal have designed USB Power Points so that we can plug and charge our devices easily and conveniently. There is a wide range of USB Power points available to choose from different colours and styles to use in your kitchen renovation design.

Plan your power point layout with us. Electrician for your Kitchen Renovation in Batemans Bay.


Planning how many Power points should be in your kitchen renovation.

Plan how many power points you should need in your kitchen renovation. What appliances you will leave on the bench and what you will bring out when needed. Our electrician will help with the placement of the power points. Our electricians know the legal requirements for the distance from things such as the kitchen sink.

There are many modern power points you can choose from to compliment your kitchen renovation.

Double power point installation electrician

Use a licensed electrician for your kitchen renovation

As with any electrical installation, when you’re dealing with electricity. You should use a licensed electrician who is qualified to perform the installation. When you call South Coast Electrical Solutions, you know you’re calling a company experienced with the right qualifications and licenses. You know you can trust us with your kitchen renovation. We are able to install power points, lights, ovens, cooktops and stoves. Call us today to make an appointment.

Oven, cooktop and stove installation in your kitchen renovation

South Coast Electrical Solutions have electricians to install your new electric oven, stove and cooktops in your new kitchen renovation. We can install new ovens and cooktop in existing spaces or in your new kitchen renovation. We can install all types of ovens (pyrolytic, steam, combination, microwave, traditional). Our electricians also install all types of cooktops (ceramic, induction, solid element, and coil element).

South Coast Electrical Solutions are licensed electricians and we install ovens, cooktops and stoves. Simply get in touch with us and we will make appointment with you for the installation your new appliance by our licensed electricians.


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