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Do you need USB Power points installed in your home?

Do you need USB Power points installed in your home of office?

Do you need USB Power points installed in your home or office? South Coast Electrical Solutions are licensed electricians in Batemans Bay and are able to update your existing double power points to USB power points in your office or home.

We have all become very reliant on charging our mobile and other devices on a regular bases and companies like Clipsal have designed USB Power Points so that we can plug in and charge our mobile devices easily and conveniently.

Do you have a need for USB Power points

Do you need USB Power points installed in your home or office? There is a wide range of USB Power points available to choose from.

Power points are available in USB A, or USB C, or USB with double power points. They are available in different colours and styles to use your home design or in your office.

Clipsal Iconic are available with a Twin socket, and USB Type C, Fast charger.

Clipsal Iconic that have a Double Power Point with Dual USB Charger.

Clipsal Iconic with Switched Socket and one USB C Charger and one USB A charger.

This Clipsal Iconic double Power Point with Type A+C USB outlet is designed to eliminate bulky chargers whilst freeing up Power Points. Two dedicated independent ports optimise charging whilst monitoring the temperature of the device to ensure internal components don’t overheat.

Why USB power points are convenient in your home or office.

Powerpoints with the USB can charge your devices more quickly than traditional ones. They are very convenient, if you choose the right one. When choosing, check the specifications to make sure you choose a USB power point that will charge your device quickly. Do you need help choosing? Talk to our friendly electricians at South Coast Electrical Solutions to give you some guidance to decide.

USB power points are efficient as you are able to charge your devices simultaneously and quickly. You will have less change of tangling your cables and it will free up your power point sockets for use with other appliances.

You will need an electrical licensed trades person to have the USB power point installed, this is not a task you can do yourself you will need a licensed electrician do the job for you.

Consider using a charging cupboard to hide your usb cables.

If you have children and you don’t want them charging their devices in their bedrooms? Consider purchasing a charging cupboard. Choose a cupboard that has an open back where the USB power points can be installed on the wall behind. By doing this you are able to have all your cables hidden away, which will make your charging area nice and tidy when the cupboard doors are closed. The devices can be placed in the cupboard overnight for charging. This will be away from bedrooms where they might be easily accessed.  

Hiring a licensed electrician is essential to have your USB power point installed quickly and safely.

We are fully licensed electricians and insured to install your new USB power point any other quality electrical services, call your trusted electricians at South Coast Electrical Solutions today.  0404157330 We are always happy to help.

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