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Lighting and power for your home office

As residential electricians we often get asked to help people out with lighting and power for their home offices. Our experience comparing what works and what doesn’t work begins from our own home office.

In the ‘new norm’ as we adjust to working from home we find the need to set up our home office so working from our home office works and we can enjoy working from home.

To help you out we thought we would compile a list of things to do when setting up your home office.

Lighting and Power

You should invest in the best home office lighting to suit the space you are in. You are going to need really good overhead lighting that makes it easy for you to work in so you are not straining your eyes. We see lots of home offices with poor lighting. Poor lighting can result in poor productivity and perhaps even a headache. Desk lamps can work well especially if you are going to work into the dark hours. Be careful running power extension cords that someone could trip on. Set up your office so you enjoy being there and working from it.

Home office power and lighting
Lighting your home office

Planning and set the design

Perhaps you have a spare room that you can transform into an office or you can a space in an unused corner of your home. Is the space going to work with other activities that take place in your home?

Start with where the basics will go, the desk, the chair, the filing cabinet and other furniture you may need. Also it is important to look at where the power will come from for your computer and other electrical appliances you may need. Look at where the light comes from, do your windows supply a good sunlight and are you going to be working when it is dark?  

Setting up also includes ergonomic office furniture, good lighting and convenient located power points. A good office chair and proper designed desk are essential. Get the height right if you are spending long periods of time at your desk your body will thank you for it in the long run.

Start adding the essentials; computer, phone, lamps, stationary. Then finish by adding the rest; printer, filing cabinet, perhaps a plant to add some life and wall prints.

Avoid clutter

You may not have the luxury of loads of space but you can invest in sensible storage and filing solutions that keeps clutter to a minimum. Your desk will have your computer, pens, note pad, and no doubt your phone and it is best to try not to crowd it with unused items.